Missing Ninja Rules

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Missing Ninja Rules

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Missing Ninja Rules
Where there is light there will always be darkness, This is for all of you who wanna let out your inner bad guy/girl. So becoming a missing ninja is very simple and won't take much to get the idea across.

- Killing Within Village or Allies
- Stealing from Village or Allies
- Abandoning Your Village
- Kage can banish/deem a ninja missing

The ranks are as followed:
Academy Student = E-Ranked
Genin = D-Ranked
Chunin = C-Ranked
Jonin = B-Ranked
Sanin = A-Ranked
Kage = S-Ranked

* Kage of the ninja's home village must register them as a missing ninja *

Bingo Books:
When a Kage claims a ninja as missing they place a price on their head, this price must be one of the following:
E-Ranked - 200 Ryo
D-Ranked - 400 Ryo
C-Ranked - 800 Ryo
B-Ranked - 2,400 Ryo
A-Ranked - 4,800 Ryo
S-Ranked - 1,000,000 Ryo


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