Ninja Rank Rules

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Ninja Rank Rules

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Ninja Rank Rules
Here your gonna notice a very large difference in roleplay between this site and others, because obtaining a rank requires the proper feats to be completed (Exams/Tests/Trials/Classes). Here we also require ninja to do the jobs of a ninja, this means that Jonin actually have to lead 3 man squads, Chunnin are teachers/proctors, but every rank is not subject to these exact jobs. Anyways without further-ado here are the rules:

- Academy Students: They are at the bottom of the totem pole, This is a starter rank.
- Genin: These are newest members of the ninja system, This is a starter rank.
- Chunin: Ninja who have earned the respect to be given leadership positions.
- Jonin: Ninja leaders in the village and advanced ninja who help to maintain stability.
- Sanin: Revered ninja in the village earning their rank by being acknowledged for their power.
- Kage: Leaders of the village, looked up to by all and defenders of the villages.

Academy Students:
- School: Academy Student must preform 4,000 words in all, not necessarily in one long post.
- Genin Exam: The Genin Exam is proctored by a Chunin whether it is a player like you or a NPC, all that is required is that players follow the proctors order.

- Teams: All Genin must join a team, teams preform together. Missions, Training (Solo Training is allowed though)
- Chunin Exam: The Chunin Exam is proctored by Jonin and Chunin selected by the Kage in order to ensure the rules are followed. More on the rules of this exam will be posted in it's own section of the rules.

- Teachers: Chunin can, but are not required to, request from the Kage to be teachers at the Academy. This is in effect to help introduce the class like setting among the members of the site that we go to see in the very beginning of the Naruto series.
- Teams: Chunin who do not decide to become teachers remain in their respective teams and provide a increase to the capabilities of the team itself.
- Becoming Jonin: The Jonin leading the team of the Chunin must in character recommend to the Kage of their village a promotion, The Kage then decides if the ninja deserves it. If it is accepted a summons of both the Jonin and Chunin to the Kage office is done in character to announce the promotion, this of course is then approved by staff.

- Anbu: Jonin wishing to be members of the Anbu must request an audition with the Kage, Anbu are selected by the Kage and can be picked without an audition if a particular ninja has peaked the Kage's interest.
- Team Leaders: All Jonin who are not applying for an Anbu position or who have been turned down must sign to be a team leader, again this is to promote the RPG to revolve closer to the structure the series painted for us. Team Leaders can apply for Anbu positions later on or can be recruited, the Kage should just prepare a replacement in the event this happens
- Becoming Sanin: Sanin are ninja who have be recognized by the Kage as an important member of the village, upon recognition the Kage can great the title of Sanin to anyone they deem fit, this must be accepted by a staff and have a good reasoning for acceptance.

- Anbu: Sanin wishing to be members of the Anbu must request an audition with the Kage, Anbu are selected by the Kage and can be picked without an audition if a particular ninja has peaked the Kage's interest.
- Wanderer: Sanin can apply to wander the Shinobi world with their respective Kage, this requires a valid in character reason and the Kage's approval. Leaving without approval marks you as a missing ninja.

- Becoming Kage: Becoming a Kage is a selection made by the elders of a village (Aka Staff Choose)
- Assigning Teams: As Kage this is your job, you have to assign the teams. That means when Johnny the Jonin requests a team you hand pick Genin to add to his team.
- Village Funds: As Kage you must decide if you will spend money to outfit you ninja, research technology (Aka make new items specifically for your village ninja) or what.
- Chunin Exams: As Kage you must send out a letter to the other villages deciding when you want to hold the Chunin Exams, When all Kage agree on the time than Staff will make the dream come true.
- Diplomats: That's right your the village government so you have to manage treaties, you have to find out who is allied who is not, so have fun being the sought after job of Kage.


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