Health/Chakra Pool Rules

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Health/Chakra Pool Rules

Post by Admin on Mon Apr 11, 2016 5:59 pm

Pool Rules

2 things are used in the pool system here, Health and Chakra. If the user types 500 words they must choose whether it goes to Chakra or Health, but if they wrote 1000 they can split it using 500 words for Chakra and Health. Each pool caps at 500, Each rank starts with a select amount of Health and Chakra:

Academy Student:
Health - 100
Chakra - 75

Health - 100
Chakra - 150

Health - 100
Chakra - 200

Health - 200
Chakra - 250

Health - 200
Chakra - 300

Health - 350
Chakra - 350

Chakra Pool: The Chakra Pool can be increased by doing activities that stretch ones Chakra causing it to last longer essentially increasing Chakra capacity, every 500 words equal 25 points of Chakra. When Chakra reaches 10 exhaustion occurs which causes stats to drop to half, if Chakra reaches 0 the user will collapse and pass out. Health can be converted to Chakra but it permanently removes the points from the users health to temporarily increase Chakra during battle.

Ex: User has 100 Health and 200 Chakra as their official, let's say during a battle the character has his Chakra lowered to 20, so now he has 100 Health and a temporary 20 Chakra during this battle. The user can take as much health as he wants, but for this example lets say 50 Health and convert it to 50 Chakra points. So now for this battle he has lowered his health and increased his Chakra, now Normally when a battle/topic is done health and chakra return to normal but now because Health was converted to Chakra the user has his 200 Chakra back but now only has 50 Health.

Health: It can be increased by doing an activity to increase ones endurance, every 500 words equal 25 points of Health. When a players Health reaches 10 the player losses consciousness, if Health reaches 0 the player is killed and that marks the end of a characters story.


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