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Stat Rules

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Stat Rules
Here on Naruto Generations there are only 2 stats:
- Strength
- Speed
Starting Stats:
Academy Student - 15
Genin - 30
Chunin - 40
Jonin - 55
Sanin - 65
Kage - 100

Both health and chakra are described in the Health/Chakra Pool rules, So to answer a few questions:

How do you tell a persons stamina without the stat stamina?
Stamina in the series was determined by Chakra, for example Guren became very drained and weak because of using so much of her Chakra. However she converted life force into Chakra allowing her to regain her strength temporarily.

Will Speed effect Strength and vise versa?
Yes, Speed will amplify Strength because of inertia. It will be explained below.

Stats Overall: All stats are capped at maximum of 100 with the exception of the items which enhance them such as food pills.

Strength: To help understand ones resistance to another players attack (non-enhanced) lets say that the attacker uses a strength of 25 and the defender uses 25 strength then the attack is cancelled, now lets say the attacker uses 25 strength and the defender only uses 20 strength then the defender takes 5 damage to their health, lastly if the attacker uses 25 strength and the defender uses 30 strength then the attacker receives 5 damage.

Tier 1 - Hitting a concrete wall will have no effect
Tier 2 - Hitting a concrete wall will create a small crack
Tier 3 - Hitting a concrete wall will create a spider web crack 6 foot in every direction
Tier 4 - Hitting a concrete wall will and it will crumble around the user
Tier 5 - Hitting a concrete wall will destroy the wall and send shrapnel forward at high speeds

Speed: To help understand how to see and react to an opponent it will be explained here, if a player moves at 25 speed and the opponent has at least 20 speed then he can both see and react to the player. If the player moves at 25 speed and the opponent has 19 speed or less then the player is moving too fast to counter.

Speed enhancing Strength: For every 25 speed the user can add 10 strength to their attack.


For every 300 words players get 1 stat point, Stat points can be stored if players wish to use them at different times.


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