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General Rules

Post by Admin on Mon Apr 11, 2016 1:26 pm

Welcome to Naruto Generations

As the owner I would like to happily invite you to look over these rules and if you are up for it join this Naruto world. I hope you found what your looking for right here with us! Now, let's get on with the General Rules.

The Rules

  • Be respectful of feelings. We know sometimes it's fun to pick on each other in a harmless manor, but some people can't handle it as well as others. So, while playing like that isn't banned, we want you to hold it back from getting too drawn out and cause people to leave.

  • Advertising anywhere but in the specified location will result in 1 warning and then a permanent ban from the site. Disobedience of me and the staff on this matter is prohibited.

  • Do not spam anything, this does have a light implication as people have been known to playfully image spam in CB. If a mod asks you to quit it, you're are expected to listen and obey that staff member.

  • Excessive Profanity is not allowed. We understand that people curse, but please, do not curse everywhere.

  • Adult Content is strictly forbidden. Anyone caught posting it will be immediately banned.

  • In order to RP, all apps that are created must be approved before use. If you even want to RP you must have made a character and received an approval.

  • You are allowed to make alts but it is limited to 2 alts only. In total you can only have 3 accounts, 1 main and 2 alternate accounts.
 Don't make more than 2 alts or else you will get a warning and we will delete the newest account(s)
    that you created.

  • You are not allowed to kill your main character and alts by using your own main character or alts. When RPing with an alternate character, please post on the appropriate account. This is to not confuse staff when they are grading.

  • Please respect the posting order. However, we do have a 48 hour rule. It states that if a person in a topic didn't post within 48 hours, and it's already his/her turn to post, the rest of the members can continue on without him/her. He/She can then just catch up later when they get to his/her turn again.

  • No Godmodding. You can't dodge every hit thrown your way, and you won't hit your opponent every single time you try. Metagaming is also prohibited.


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